Beeline + Bluetooth


*First, and most importantly, do not attempt to try to pair your Beeline to Bluetooth in Bluetooth Settings! Make sure you pair and set up your device through the Beeline app*


Follow these steps to pair with your Beeline: 

1. Wake your Beeline up. If your Beeline is on the logo screen tap the top button. It will then say, 'I'm ABCD. Anyone out there?'

2. Open your Beeline app. Your Beeline app will search for, and pair with, your phone to your Beeline while you're setting up your Beeline and Beeline account for the first time.


How to unpair your Beeline:

If you would like to unpair your Beeline from your phone, just go to the 'Settings' tab in the Beeline app and tap unpair. 

If you would later like to re-pair with your Beeline, just open the Beeline app and tap the Beeline icon in the top right on the home screen. 

Watch our video on how to pair your Beeline Velo with your Android phone here: