On screen directions

Image of Beeline Velo at different angles with arrows pointing to different parts of the device


The dashes in the top of the screen indicate your journey progress, and progressively highlight as you get closer to your destination.



On Route Mode, the arrow displays your current direction opposed to on Compass Mode, where the arrow shows your the direction of your final destination.



On Route Mode, the number under the arrow shows the distance until your next turn. On Compass Mode, the number under the arrow shows the distance, “as the crow flies”, until you final destination.


Next turn:

The dot on the edge of the screen displays the direction of your next turn. 

Complex junctions

When you are approaching more complex junctions, your Beeline Moto will give you extra information under the arrow.

At a roundabout, you will see a roundabout symbol with the number of the exit you need to take in the centre. In the above image, for example, your Beeline is telling you that you are approaching a roundabout and will take exit 3.

You may also see the following symbols:

The fork indicator, which will tell you whether you are taking the left hand, or the right hand, fork. The symbol below indicates that you need to take the right fork in 3.8km:


The lane indicator which tells you which lane you need to be in. The symbol below indicates that, in 3.8km, you will need to be in the left hand lane.

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