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Modified on: Fri, 22 May, 2020 at 4:45 PM

You may be setting off on a ride with a couple of pitstops, or beautiful curvy roads, in mind. 

To be routed via these points, whether you are using Route Mode or Compass Mode, all you need to do is drop a couple of waypoints. 

There are two ways of setting waypoints: 

1. You can set your destination and then tap twice on the grey line between your start and destination (or between a waypoint and the destination) to add an intermediate waypoint. You can move the waypoint around by pressing and holding on the black tab at the bottom of the circle around it, or by typing the waypoint location into the top 'via' box. 

Screen showing an orange waypoint being added to a route planned in the Beeline app

2. You can add all of your waypoints in the order that you will ride them. Just set your first waypoint (which will appear as your destination) and then tap once anywhere on the map to deselect it. Then, tap on the map where you would like your second waypoint to be. Repeat! 

Screens from the Beeline app showing waypoints being added one by one by green pointers

You can switch the Route Mode toggle on before, or after, you set your waypoints. Or not at all! 

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