During the launch periods of our Beeline Velo and Beeline Moto products, we hosted a community forum on our website to help gather feedback from you guys so that we could make quick improvements to our products. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to it!

We have now refined our product development process to include a large beta testing programme kicking off soon, which has taken the place of the community forum and is more direct way for us to work with our customers to improve our products. 

We are committed to continuing to make improvements to the Beeline Velo and Beeline Moto and always love hearing your feature requests. If you have any ideas, please just shoot us an email at support@beeline.co and we’ll pop them on the list for consideration, or sign up here to join the beta testing programme. 

Thanks again for helping to make Beeline great. Keep an eye out for some exciting community developments and projects over the coming months....