Beeline is built to work worldwide, wherever there is GPS coverage, but there are a few exceptions:

Beeline Velo

Our routing for Beeline Velo is based on Google Maps (apart from in the UK where we use our own routing). 

Compass Mode works in all countries apart from China. This is due to current restrictions placed on mapping in China. We'd love to be able to offer routing to China, so if you have any suggestions for an alternative mapping provider suitable for China, we'd love to hear it.

Route Mode for cycling is available in all countries where Google Maps provides cycling directions. You can look up the list of Google Maps coverage here

Beeline Moto

Our routing for Beeline Moto is based on MapBox. This covers most of the world but as with all routing, some countries have better coverage than others. You can look at the coverage for MapBox for your country here.