Auto rerouting

Before you set your route, you can decide whether or not you would like to keep ‘auto reroute’ on in the Beeline app settings menu. If you keep it on, and you go off route, your Beeline Velo will automatically reroute you within three seconds*.

If you have a very specific route that you would like to follow, leave ‘auto reroute’ turned off and you will be guided, by the black arrow, back to your route if you go off it. You can still reroute manually by pressing the bottom button.

*Please note that you need to have mobile data switched on for rerouting to work. If you have mobile data switched off, or you are in an area with no reception, your Beeline Velo will fail to auto reroute and the arrow will continue to point you back to your original route. You can press the bottom button to ask it to try rerouting when you have data again. 

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