Android Battery Saver and Background Activity Issues

Does your Beeline's ride navigation get a bit disrupted? Maybe the arrow seems to be jumping around incorrectly, giving misleading directions? There's a good chance there are some battery-saving settings that are throwing off your connectivity a bit! The following should get you back on the right path :) 

What's the issue? Android phones, like popular Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P10 models amongst many others, have a battery saver mode that can cause issues for navigating with a Beeline device.

The exact name of the battery saver function in your settings will differ between manufacturers, but the underlying problem is the same. When you begin a ride with a Beeline device, if the battery saver is on, or the Beeline app’s background activity is restricted, navigation will not work.

How to fix this issue for Samsung phones:

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung

  2. Go to Apps

  3. From the list of apps, search for Beeline

  4. Tap Battery 

  5. Tap Battery optimisation

  6. Tap All apps 

  7. From the list of apps, search for  Beeline

  8. Select Don’t optimise

How to fix this issue for other Android phones:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device

  2. Tap for Device care or Battery

  3. Tap Battery Optimisation

  4. From the list of apps, search for Beeline

  5. Select Don't Optimise

This will allow background activity for Beeline, happy riding!

To find out more about this issue, or if your problem persists, this site provides detailed device-specific information:

Still not doing the trick? Please do not hesitate to contact us here

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