Turning on, charging, and battery level

To turn on your Beeline Velo 2, press and hold (approximately three seconds) on the bottom ‘power’ button. You can identify the power button by looking for the black power icon on the bottom of the device on the same side as the USB-C port.


If the device is unresponsive to button presses, it likely needs charging - you'll find the USB-C charging cable in the box with your Beeline device. 


You can charge the Velo 2 using any USB power source (for example a plug with a USB port, computer or portable battery) using the included USB-A to USB-C cable. If you lose your cable, you can use any other USB-C cable, although we suggest ensuring that it conforms to the USB PD charging standards.


Your device should be fully charged within two hours. With a full charge, you can expect around 20 hours of riding time with the device and at least a month on standby. Do bear in mind that setting the screen in the brightest settings will have an impact on battery life.


And fear not, you can charge the device whilst it is in use if you’re going on a particularly long ride! 


You can quickly view the battery level of the Velo 2 on the home screen. This icon will also indicate when the battery is charging. You can also view the battery level of your device in the Beeline app. The app and device will alert you when the battery level is critically low and the device needs charging.

You can view more detailed battery information on the Battery and Brightness info screen. You can reach this screen by using the top or bottom buttons to scroll through the different mode screens. Here you can see the exact percentage of the device battery, as well as your connected phone’s battery percentage, as well as if your device is charging or has a low battery. 


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