What is Beeline Road Rating?

Beeline Road Rating is a way to give feedback on the roads that you ride. 


(You may notice the original Velo in this video. Same great concept, just new hardware!)  


We use your feedback to improve routes for you and the entire Beeline community. As part of our mission to improve journeys on two wheels, we believe that traditional road data (road type, speed limit etc.) doesn’t cover everything when it comes to creating the ideal route for you. We need real-life, real-time user experience too!


If you’re riding on a road that you think is great, you can give it positive feedback (tap the green button in-app, or long-press the right hand + button if you have it enabled on your device). 



Conversely, if you’re riding on a road that you find unpleasant, give it negative feedback (tap the red button in-app or long-press the left hand - button if you have it enabled on your device). 


You can see the ratings that you have given in your journey summary at the end of every ride, and all the ratings you have ever given in your journey heatmap.


When you’re planning a journey, the routes you’ll be offered will incorporate everyone’s rating data to make sure that you are offered the very best options between your location and destination. We also show where the best and worst sections of your journey will be to help you decide which route is best for you!


We’ll always create routes that avoid the very worst of roads (70 mph dual carriageways for example). 


We know this is stating the obvious but please only rate roads when you are capable of doing so and avoid rating in dangerous situations.


The data that you provide through rating roads with Beeline is used solely to improve the service that we provide to you. Whether that’s the routing you’re given, or the directions you follow on your device. This geolocation data is only available to us if you provide your consent in the app. 

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