Auto-backlight and auto-calibration

Auto calibration:

Beeline calibrates automatically when you start riding. When you set off, you’ll see a spinning icon in the centre of the arrow, which is indicating that the Beeline is trying to ‘lock on’.

GIF showing the Beeline Moto auto calibrating with the spinning arrow icon

If you’re riding at a speed of at least 3mph (5kph), it will disappear within a few seconds and your arrow will be pointing you exactly the right way. All you need to worry about now is where to explore next.

Auto Backlight:

GIF showing the backlight being turned on on a Beeline Moto

The backlight will automatically turn on in hours of darkness but, if you need to turn it on manually, press the left or right buttons on the Beeline Moto to scroll to the Settings menu and short press the top (power) button.

It is normal for the screen of your Moto to appear slightly dark when indoors as the Beeline screen is a transflective display. The brighter the light that hits the screen, the brighter the display becomes. This unique display technology allows for extremely high contrast and is highly power efficient, as it doesn't rely on the backlight being on all the time for the screen to be visible.

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