Turning on, charging, and battery level

To turn on your Beeline Moto, press and hold (approximately three seconds) on the top ‘on’ button. This button is yellow on the Beeline Moto plastic devices and silver/grey on the Beeline Moto metal devices.

Image showing the top of a black Beeline Moto with yellow power button

And if you are out of power? You’ll find the charger in the box.

To connect, align the yellow markers on your Beeline Moto to the yellow markers on the charger, then twist to lock.

GIF showing the Beeline Moto being twisted onto the Beeline Moto charger

If you are paired with your Beeline Moto, you can check that your Beeline Moto is charging by using the left or right buttons to scroll to the charging screen. The moving bars in the battery symbol will flash before becoming solid. When all four bars are solid, your Beeline Moto is 100% charged!


GIF showing how the Beeline Moto screen changes to a battery symbol when chargingGIF showing how the battery symbol increases in white bars when charging

You can check the battery level of your Beeline (and paired phone) any time by using the right or left hand buttons to scroll through the device modes to the battery level screen. 

A percentage level will be shown to give you an indication of charge level but this is not designed 100% accurate so don't worry if it appears to drop by a few percentages.

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