Watch how to import GPX files for cycling:


(You may notice our App looks a bit different! We’re always updating it and adding new cool features, but don’t worry, the process is the same☺️)


Let's start with the basics! What is a GPX file? 


If a file is called a GPX file it simply means that it is GPS data in a format that can be shared electronically. This is usually a GPS route that has been saved and shared online. You can download these GPX routes to your computer or phone and it will convert the file back into a GPS route. Magic!


Where to find GPX files 


There are loads of websites that you can use to download GPX files. As examples, you can download GPX files from StravaNational Trails, or


How to import a GPX file into the Beeline app:

  1. Open the Beeline app and choose the ‘Plan ride’ on the Ride page

  2. Tap the ‘Options’ menu in the top right corner and ensure your route type is set to bicycle before selecting ‘Import GPX route’

  3. From a locally stored location, select the desired GPX file and choose whether you’d like to ride in either Route or Compass Mode