Pairing with your Beeline Moto

Watch our video on how to pair your Beeline Moto with your iPhone:

Or read our step by step instructions here:

** The first time you pair, do not attempt to pair your Beeline to Bluetooth in Bluetooth Settings! Make sure you pair and set up your device through the Beeline app **


Follow these steps to pair with your Beeline:

  1. Open your Beeline Moto app and go through the onboarding screens. It will ask you if you would like to pair to a Beeline Moto.

  2. If your Beeline Moto is on the logo screen press the top button to wake it up. It will then say, 'I'm ABCD. Anyone out there?'

  3. Select your Beeline Moto and allow your phone to pair. Your Beeline Moto will download any firmware updates and then you should be good to go!

If this doesn't do the trick, please see our troubleshooting for iOS here, and Android here

How to unpair your Beeline Moto:


If you would like to unpair your Beeline Moto from your phone, just go to the 'settings' tab in the Beeline app and tap unpair.  

If you would later like to re-pair with your Beeline, you will need to 'forget' it in your phone's Bluetooth Settings menu.

Re-pairing your Beeline


  1. ‘Forget’ the device in phone settings:

    1. Firstly you will need to 'forget' it in your phone's Bluetooth Settings menu. 

  2. Make sure the Beeline is also unpaired from the device. If you unpaired when it was out of range, it might still have that pairing information held there. Your Moto should be showing this screen:

    If it is off, you can turn it on by holding the power (down) button. If it is on, you can un-pair it from the Options->Unpair screen.

  1. Re-pair in the app:

    1. Tap the Beeline icon in the top right on the home screen. 

    2. You’ll then be able to go through the original pairing process and get rolling again. 


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